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Apr 25, 2019

It is often easy to make a good guess as to where your ancestor’s burial location may be. They are typically in one of the cemeteries closest to where they lived, or on the property of the church, they belonged to. Of course, there are exceptions, such as people who were buried on family farms, or in far away locations when they died while traveling, or if they wanted to be buried near relatives who didn’t live nearby. But a cemetery close by is generally your best bet as far as guesses go.

Cemeteries that are still managed by a city, county, or church usually have records as to who is buried in them and where. You can often get the exact burial location, whether it is marked or not, just by calling the entity that manages the cemetery. If you decide to go visit it, the management can give you directions to the location of the burial, or provide you with a map so you can find it on your own.

If the cemetery is a really old one and is no longer managed by any entity, you may still be able to get burial records for it by going to the local archives or historical society.

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