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Aug 27, 2020

Genealogy has a large array of code words, slang, and abbreviations associated with it. If you are new to the hobby, you might not be familiar with all of them yet. Here are some of the most common genealogy abbreviations, what they mean, and where to find them.

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Aug 25, 2020

Are you looking into your Native American ancestry? Many Americans believe they have this ancestry, but only a few do. If you do, and you know it with certainty, the Dawes Rolls can help you find your ancestors and learn more about them. Here is what the Dawes Rolls are and what kind of information about your...

Aug 20, 2020

Membership records can be an important part of genealogical research. Yet, they are not used by many genealogists, despite the wealth of information they can provide. Here is why genealogists usually don’t use these records, and why you should. They can be genealogical goldmines to your research.

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Aug 18, 2020

Are you a Mayflower descendant, or do you want to prove that you are one? Here are some tips on finding and proving your Mayflower ancestry. After all, there are more than thirty-five million Mayflower descendants in the USA today. You could be one!

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Aug 13, 2020

Whether you are a beginning genealogist or a seasoned pro, you can always use some tips on how to make your genealogy research easier and more productive for you. Today we’ll examine six top tips that may help you achieve the genealogical results you’ve been seeking.

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