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Aug 28, 2018

Benjamin Franklin was a remarkable man and so important to the American Revolution. But, how much do you know about his background and personal life? That’s a fascinating story on its own. Join me today on the Ancestral Findings Podcast to learn the real tale of America’s most famous Founding Father.

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Aug 21, 2018

Join me today on the Ancestral Findings Podcast as I talk about the science of aerial photography in World War I and why it was a groundbreaking advancement for military commanders.

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Aug 14, 2018

Samuel Adams is one of the most famous names associated with the American Revolution. However, what do you really know about him other than that he has his face and name on a popular brand of American beer? Today I’ll talk about the real story of this extraordinary American patriot.

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Aug 8, 2018

Are you interested in researching your genealogy using DNA? If you are on a DNA database and are having trouble getting your matches to respond to you, it can be frustrating. Join me today on the Ancestral Findings Podcast for some effective tips for getting more responses from your genetic relatives.

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